Day 31 Again: The Choc Chip Banana Bread You CANNOT Mess Up

So last night I came home from a meeting and remembered I had to bake something before the New Moon was over. (Read about why, here.) I was feeling giddy about an exciting project in its early-manifestation stages and therefore wasn't in the tidiest mood so I thought, I know, yeah, a blog post about... Continue Reading →


Day 31: Creativity As A Gift

I find that my ability to channel creative energy from the universe has always made it so much easier to give gifts to those I love. In middle school I gave a painting to my favorite English teacher, for Christmas I often give hand-written notes as gifts, and now I have the pleasure of gifting... Continue Reading →

Day 30: The First Day I Didn’t Post

Old Veronica would have been all stressed about meeting the arbitrary 12-midnight deadline she had set for herself at the beginning of her 365 Day Creativity Challenge. Actually, old Veronica would not have even set such a challenge for herself, she would have been too busy and scared to be vulnerable on the internet. A... Continue Reading →

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