So far it’s rained every day this year.

Yesterday I went out with a friend and walked in it. I was grateful for my (relatively) new sombrero. On the way down to the metro I had to stop and appreciate the moment: hundreds of madrileños in one tiny plaza, street too small for cars, no sound louder than the rain but the song of one lonely, saxophone. The downpour, the baroque pink building across the street, the drops of rain off the brim of my hat and a single beautiful voice, wailing a song about bad weather and steadfast love.

Today I wrote about me, a new project, and something else that needs to percolate for a bit before posting. Stay tuned, new friends!


2 thoughts on “2014 So Far

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  1. Thank you…
    For sharing such an intimate, real experience.

    As I sit under 20 foot windows in a New Orleans library, I can see the Sun peaking through the gnarly green blossoming live oaks…strands of Mama Earth’s hair resiliently and silently reclaiming this city.

    Headphones transmit Hawaiian ocean waves in my ears, along with the hum of Tibetan singing bowls.
    …And to find myself wrapped in the words of your experience of love is just what I needed to remember my own peace, my own power, and my love and the love of the divine inseparable from my present moment.

    Thank you.


    1. I am so moved that you were so moved, friend! That moment sounds pretty dreamy and it’s great to be a part of it. Truly it is a true honor to be a bell of mindfulness in your day and your peace and power strengthen my own, so thank YOU deeply for sharing and for being. NAMASTE ❤

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