Can a post about gratitude really be too long?

I’m so grateful to the cosmos for lining up just right every time I need their help, for opening a door at just the moment when crossing a symbolic threshold will keep me moving forward. This is the time, with the enormous blank canvas of a new moon and a new year, to plant sacred new seeds. I’ve been diligently fertilizing the soil of my soul with blood, sweat, and tears through all kinds of storms and finally, I’ve chosen just the right seeds and just the right plot of Earth for them to incubate in to watch them take root and sprout. I am placing the seeds of intentions into the ground, out of sight but not out of mind, trusting that one day in the future I will see their glorious leafy faces spring forth from the dark mysterious below, coming up from the fertile Earth to nourish or shelter or inspire my whole being.

"Life is made up of little moments"
“Life is made up of little moments”

My most current work is remembering there is no hurry. A great spiritual teacher reminded me the other day of the powerful gesture of an open, steady, expectant hand. The hand that is always busy closing around objects and ideas will most likely be closed when the universe reaches down with an offering. “Piano, piano!” She cried, “poco a poco!” No trek up the mountain is worth anything until you get a sense of what it’s like to have your feet on the flat ground. Pluto, who says, “Change or I will change you!” and is considered the most powerful planet in astrology, is supporting our divine will right now and not the ego will. Take strength in knowing it is right to feel empowered deep within your soul and know that you have the right instincts to make healthy choices.

Capricorn is the goat who climbs up the mountain top, merging with Pure Consciousness when he reaches the peak, the apogee, the same word used to describe the supermoon on January 1st who is at the apogee of her revolution around our world. This is an incredibly powerful metaphor for merging with Higher Consciousness. I like metaphors. I am ready to take this power I am constantly being given by the Universe and to use it to make choices which help me live an empowered and authentic life. I will live from love and not fear. I am a great spiritual being. I am having a human experience. I am a powerful creator. I am tuned in to the whispers of the Earth. As long as we are open to change and watching for signs of the need to upgrade, our authentic power will shine healthily from our golden, divine heart center.

For me, this year began in January with desperate, confused, uncertain struggle. In February I met my soul mate. March and April are a haze of back-sliding and ego-indulging. In May I finished a project that was five years in the making. In June a lifelong dream was realized. In July I learned how to relax. In August I learned how to let go. In September I let go. In October I took control of my life. In November I rediscovered my divine nature. In December I learned how to just be. The year 2013 was the most magical I can remember. More magical than human words can describe and I feel constant gratitude for the gift of this life which I am experiencing as an energetic being in a body known by many names: Veronica, Moonchild, Beautiful, Ronnie, Chong, and many more less positive things which must always be there to balance things out.

As the song goes, "Sevilla tiene un color especial..." Special color indeed.
As the song goes, “Sevilla tiene un color especial…” Special color indeed.

This past year I can safely say that what I have most experienced to be true is that attitude is everything. When I packed my ass up and left my whole world behind on American soil, I very easily could have been overwhelmed by the new environment in which I was trying to put down new roots. In fact, I am proud to say that I was only brought to tears once and Spanish customer service can do that to anyone. What I know for sure is that what’s breaking down in your life right now is ready for a breakthrough. Own your own power! You are creating your life right now, in this moment through your thoughts, words and behavior. “Attitude is everything,” is the embodiment of this knowledge. It is the mantra of one who knows the true meaning of choosing to be the victor and not the victim; it’s the mantra of one who is proactive and chooses evolution over the painful suffering that welcomes those who surrender to the fearful ego. I choose to walk through the world experiencing life with the knowledge that I am a powerful creator and I am constantly manifesting the path that leads me through abundance to my destiny. I work with passion. I do things to make me feel good. I will spend 2014 remembering that I matter, that I have an important role to play or else I wouldn’t be alive. There is no one who can replace me or you, we are valuable treasures and we don’t need anything to prove that, I just did.

The Universe is ready to cut us free from the chains that bind. Freedom will come when we liberate our minds. What chains are holding you down?


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