In the Time of the Throat Chakra

I experienced this in meditation on 12.19.13 when I was actively focusing on raising the vibration of my fifth chakra…

How I see it
Ever tried Photoshopping with your Third Eye?

Feeling the electricity entering my feet, my trunk begins to weigh me down against the Earth. I sense the prickles move up towards the base of my spine through my two great roots. First the toes, then the arches, then the heels sparkle with Energy, pure vibrations that I am hyper aware of and highly attuned to, enter my body from great Mother Earth. The glow moves up my ankle, stopping to care for any and all pain that lives there, and then surges up the legs. Moving now through the red orbs of the knee joints, the energy grows more intensely ruby colored, and I grow heavier. My crown is growing taller in anticipation of Mama Shakti serpent stirring against the Earth. The glow rushes up my thighs, relaxing and nourishing simultaneously. My shoulders relax down my back as the wave of energy crashes upwards through the swirling red orb of my Kundalini energy center. The snake awakens and the power is uncontainable.

The Shushumna leads her up to the sacral chakra. Here lies an orange, brilliantly glowing center of sacred desire, change, growth and running water, the element Cancers like me resemble most. This is the place where we learn that balance is achieved through diversity. Desire is what drives Shakti’s life giving dance up and down the spine between her partner and soulmate, Shiva. Their difference is what creates desire and their polarities simultaneously create and destroy the entire Universe in every single moment. They seek to unite but always separate because to remain united and static is permanent death without life.

Moving ever upwards, pulled by the love and perfection of King Shiva who sits at the third eye, the snake lady’s energy swirls up the spine toward the fire of my will. The yellow-bright sun of my SOLAR plexus glows with the energy of the electricity shooting up through my roots. My heart begins to open as my shoulder blades shift toward one another and my sun glows brighter. I am reminded that I manifest my own will as I am engulfed in a white radiant light that comes from within.

When Kundalini Shakti has finished her work, she makes her way up to the heart center. Before the Earth energy filled me up to my fourth, green chakra, I knew Shakti would come when she was ready. I felt no hurry or need to make force, my knees and toes were still tingling with electricity when I first felt my heart begin to light up. It was at that point that I noticed and remembered the pain between my shoulder blades. The tension had been an issue for about two, maybe one and a half months and I was pretty sure it was the result of an energetic block. I remembered something my mother said about painful memories and emotions coming up from the root to be healed in the heart and suddenly I knew my heart was big enough to heal my deepest pains and the light from my golden-green heat center began to shone brighter. I began to understand that it was my ego that needed healing. My very own Little Veronica was suddenly standing before me, a girl of about two or three holding a daffodil from her parent’s’ garden, wearing that black dress with lace bib and flower print and little white tights and patent white shoes. I saw inside of her all the pain I held inside of me, known and unknown. I felt the urge to pull her into my lap and tell her it’s all going to be OK. My sweet, sweet Little Veronica, I know you are hurting but do not fear. She leaned against my stomach, comfortably nestled between my crossed legs, feeling safe and secure inside the green healing glow I surrounded us with. The egg shaped aura of energy surrounding us was my own, the light of the Universe pouring up and though me kept us safe and dry amidst the passing storm of life. She sank deeper into my lap as I told her in just one world of all the beauties life held. I wrapped her tighter with my love and showed her she was cared for and safe. She occasionally smiled up at me with graceful bliss.

In an instant I realized my throat chakra was and had been glowing with blue electricity. I checked with my feet and, yup, they were still glowing with the primordial Earth energy from below. My body’s center of communication began to energize, I felt tingles of electricity sparking along my lips, like the peppermint chapstick I can’t live without, and the sensation spread around my mouth and up into my nostrils. As I breathed the blue, brilliant light traveled down into me as the green electricity coming up through my fingers shot up my arms and through my neck.

My glowing spine, Ida and Pingala nadis, suddenly exploded in light as the third eye center opened up. Here was the much and not at all anticipated moment when Shakti with all her glorious energy of pure truth, and life-giving balance united with Shiva the embodiment of perfection. I saw and felt purple light emanating from the center of my forehead. A simultaneous pressure and suction there blinded my third eye and suddenly all I saw was colorless light. I felt the magnetic pull of my sixth chakra and the energy of the Earth swirled around my skull in a bright violet brilliance.

Fairly soon I became aware of the crown of pure white light that was emanating from the top third of my skull where violet faded into colorlessness. My consciousness grew impossibly, infinitely, magnificently bright as I finally became aware of my connection with the divine. I simultaneously felt one with all beings and saw my own enlightened destiny. And then she rang the bell and shouted, “Meditación caminando,” and then it was over, and it wasn’t.

I have studied the chakra system through yoga and a book by Anodea Judith, Ph.D. called Wheels of Life. It was suggested to me several years ago and has become my bible; tattered, dogeared, and bookmarked it lives by the side of my bed, almost always within arms reach. Because I can literally feel the physical signs of energy entering and leaving my body at the chakra points and because I can see it with what can only be described as my third eye, I think I am lucky. Most humans I know are not sensitive enough to see the evidence of their energetic bodies and live their whole lives in total unintentional ignorance. I still remember the first time I felt it. I was sitting in the courtyard on Cherry Street known as “The Secret Garden” one evening last Summer. One moment, turning to look somewhere, I stopped short. I had felt the electricity of my aura’s vibration rubbing and rushing past my face. I lifted my arm to see if it was a whole body sensation and it was, like molasses my skin slid through the aura of electricity shining around my whole body. Naturally I was stunned and I kept practicing and here I am today.

How do you see your chakras?

Things to post about in the future:

  • Highly Sensitive People (the 20% of all populations with a naturally different nervous systems)
  • The importance of retreats

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