Let’s Make a Deal

Sometimes I naturally write in poems…

Do you know that when you went to California,
my sleep cycles changed with yours?
I started sleeping from 4am-2pm
just so my body could receive all the energy you sent to Spain.

At first I was scared and angry at myself (and a little bit at Reddit too).
My ego was making me so lazy and unhealthy, didn’t I know better?
And then I remembered how you told me before we sat down on our very first date
that you knew we would meet since our eyes first locked across that crowded room.

I want you to see a message from me and be excited to receive it,
not worried about being overwhelmed by (what I know are)
entirely too long emails with images and thoughts that are difficult to respond to,
especially at the depth and precision you value.

Please don’t interpret my verbosity as a disrespect for words,
I respect them too, I just use them differently.
Not writing you is like having a new set of pencils all freshly sharpened
that I’m just not allowed to touch.

I want to be able to write and speak with you because
it’s the best way I know to send you energy.
I want you to know that my only intention is to send you good vibrations,
the same things I feel you sending without words on a screen or sounds in my ears.

Sometimes I hope my words will move you to share your own thoughts because
to me, your words are precious droplets of water for my roots to soak up eagerly.
Your words are like sunlight and my leaves will always turn towards them,
I can’t help that I eagerly anticipate their energy.

They nourish me,
but this does not mean that you aren’t free to go away for a night.
Don’t worry about me while you’re gone,
I know you need the time and I know you’ll be back.

When you see my name in your inbox, I don’t want you to feel pressured or anxious
that someone is expecting something from you.
In the past maybe this was the case but now,
I understand the word “unconditional” in quite a different light.

I need to send my words out into the universe.
I never realized it before but it’s true,
I can see it very clearly now.
I am an architect and my medium is vibrations.

I need to construct and what I build are these things called “sentences”
which I must share with the world whether in written or verbal form,
it’s my favorite medium of creativity and it’s the way I manifest my world
and I need to do it often.

When you send me energy, you can do it without words.
That’s amazing and inspiring.
It’s what I love and admire about you,
so much so I want to explode.

I do not ever, ever, ever want you to change that because it works.
I can feel it.
Let’s make a deal.
You keep sending me energy, I will keep sending you words.



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