New Me, New Challenge

Breathtaking Burgos, the town where I spent my first Christmas in Spain

Originally written December 31, 2013

For the first time in 19 years, we will experience a new moon as the new year begins; tonight is a very special night indeed. I have been preparing my physical and spiritual homes all day today and am slightly shocked at the thoroughness that seemed to come from no where. I had vague intentions of committing to turning off and putting away all electronics when I went to sleep the night before but I was unsure what my energy/inspiration levels would be in the morning and now here we are.

The first of many

Two days ago some deep energy inspired me to finally create an internet home for the thoughts and ideas that keep pouring from my heart into my fingers. For reasons I won’t go into quite yet, I have spent the last two weeks actively focusing on my creative abilities through various mediums. With the flow of creative energy onto the pages of my journals and sketchbooks and even into the scarf I just learned how to knit, a flow of psychic energy that has been steadily trickling stronger and stronger for five years my whole life began to quicken. With the encouragement of the Universe I would like to set a 365 day challenge for myself and my Self: get in touch you guys! My intention, moving across the beautiful impending threshold, is to seek completion which can only come from a merging of separates (body/mind, ego/spirit, heart/hands) into a whole. Every day I will be here sharing with the world my creative journey, I’d love for you to stick around if you want to hitch a ride!

Depending on what astrological status quo you subscribe to, tonight is either a New Moon in Capricorn or in Sagittarius. Regardless, both the mystics and lay people among us understand that now is a powerful time to set intentions and commit to all kinds of wonderful things. It’s also a good time to remember that it is never a bad time to manifest change, one needn’t wait for a new year because there is always a new moment around the corner that is just as powerful.

Just for today, make the time count by being kind to yourself and others. Commit to owning the power to be your better version of yourself and set the intention to be open to changes, both expected and unexpected. When you’re out and about tonight (or really, any night), take just one second to look up at the sky and remember how infinite the space into which you’re looking is, one moment to think about all the possibilities it holds and the exciting number things we don’t know yet. Thank you ALL for being! I’m so grateful that WE are here together building this wonderful place called the Universe and I am deeply excited because WE have the creative power to make EVERYTHING in the completely undefined space of 2014.

New moons are a time of beginnings (and therefore endings). When I first began (re)learning the moon’s effect on us humans, I was confused why the absence of a moon in the sky could be considered new, I didn’t understand that the time when our moon appears to shrink and die belies the truth that she will always grow luminous and full again. This is, of course, laughably obvious to me now but it is a lovely example of my strong Western conditioning. The thing I wanted to say was, “Look! The moon’s dead, why are you calling it new?” After a half year of scientific (peer reviewed and empirically evidential) research I now appreciate the power of the Life/Death duality and can see how clearly they inter are in each moment. I rejoice more and more each time the moon offers me the chance to let go of, kill off, and shed what the previous cycle has shown me I no longer need and we sometimes forget that when we let go of things, other beliefs, habits and patterns must move forward to take their place. In accordance with the same law, the “death” of the moon always signifies the “birth” of a new cycle of living and dying in the sky that’s why we call it “new,” the cycle has to start somewhere. It’s all quite balanced and pretty daunting too if you focus too hard on the infinitely coming cycles of change. I think the daunting fear of, “Oh god, I have to keep doing this letting-go thing forever?!” is actually the tool the universe uses to keep us focused on the present moment. In my experience most uninitiated folks see the fear as a sign, that it’s just not worth the effort and they turn back. Me? I’ve always believed that in order to be better, you have to be different.

One blessing I count is that I was raised being told how creative I am, but when I went to architecture school I started to force it and predictably became known as the most practical of all the pragmatists in the studio. Wow, is that the topic of yet another story… anyway, basically when I tried to induce the creativity it stopped coming! Luckily my wise woman inside knew this was just a symptom of the real problem so I was able to keep up the pace and kept pushing forward knowing there wasn’t time to stop and relearn how to wait for inspiration to flow through me. They don’t teach or value that in most American institutions and I was trapped in the vibrations of a paradigm of scarcity instead of abundance. Now, with six months of slow recovery from the five years of physical and psychological warfare, I am ready to shed the blinders I strapped on that night when I undertook my first architecture assignment. They were useful in their own way but now I don’t need to go off of just twenty minutes of sleep and ten cups of coffee to support me each day.

Now it’s time for me to put blinders on my ego and hush the inner child I’ve come to know as Little Veronica. It’s finally time for her to settle down. She’s done her work and now, after coming this far, she’s earned a rest and 2014 is the land of the spirit. My ego has guided me far down the path to enlightenment and I am eternally grateful to her powerful ability to reach out and grab (most of) her desires. Together we’ve survived twenty-one different countries on five continents, being kicked out of my childhood home, winning grants and designing award-winning architecture; I will always honor this piece of me. Now though, my spirit needs a turn; my sacred self has some things to say.

What does your Sacred Self want your Ego to hear?


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