Day 4 Again: Instrument


Meditation is the best way to calibrate your instrument.

Our bodies are our tools for experiencing the Universe. Since humans are actually a part of the Universe, that makes us the Universe’s instruments for experiencing itself. Most don’t realize this is the case, some instruments are always more sensitive than others. There are however, some humans whose higher sensitivity connects them more directly with the divine and if they are open to the knowledge of such things, a select few of those will remember where they come from. Here’s a quote by one:

Since everything is a reflection of our minds, everything can be changed by our minds.

– Buddha

Would you like the still version of this piece better? I couldn’t decide which color to pick so I picked them all. I realize that officially it’s Day 5 now but I spent a bunch of time today sketching, photoshopping and learning how to make a GIF so it feels like cheating to save this for tomorrow.


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