Day 5 Again: This Is A Story

This Is A Story

We met at orientation.
Out of twenty other architects
I only remember your face and how
I made a point of introducing myself.

I don’t remember thinking about it
I just walked up to you
and asked you where you were from.
The whole rest of the world just stopped.

Four months of hard calculus classes,
countless all nighters at the studio,
and one drunken Saint Patrick’s Day later
I told you, “Maybe I might date someone from studio after all.”

I tripped on a stool when I walked away that day
but you still asked me to see a movie on April 11th
and we went to see the only horror film I have seen or will ever see
because you didn’t know I hated them. Oops.

Somewhere along the way you confessed you wouldn’t have asked me out
until after summer if I hadn’t dropped that first hint
because you knew that once we started dating we would never stop.
Two years minus four days later you broke up with me. Oops.

A slow year went by in confusion and pain, it was then that I first met myself.
You had hurt me and I didn’t know how much I was okay with that.
To find out I went to Europe, Asia, Africa, North, South America and finally,
my heart when there was nowhere else left to go.

I met you in the house next to the Philadelphia Magic Garden.
I remember there was a burst of light
when our eyes met across the room of fifty heads.
I asked my friend who you were, you came and told me later.

That night I went to the bed of someone else I met at the party.
It had been a year and ten months. A week went by.
The very same night I finally let go and made space in my heart,
you called me and asked me out on our first date.

You were a camel when he was a fish,
and I knew I was home.
Around you all of my molecules seemed to separate a bit
settling down and vibrating faster all at once.

In a month, it will be a year since those first fireworks.
In ten days it will be four months since I have seen you.
I miss you from that empty place between my heart and my solar plexus
but somehow we’ve never been closer.

Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes
and the reality of inter being is
that I get to celebrate my unity with ALL of life.
I am because YOU are and I thank you for being.

But I keep having these dreams
where the familiarity of that old sexual tension comes back
and I remember his vibrations more than yours
and I wake up feeling excited and disappointed

and I check to see if you’re thinking of me
and I can’t tell, I feel sick
and I wonder what, where and how you are
and I think I know but I want to know that I know.

And then I breathe.
I take a series of breaths
that sometimes lasts the whole day
until it’s time to dream again and I just hope for the best.

As individuals, we look different from one another and have different lifestyles, beliefs, and perceptions. However, these differences exist only on the physical plane. At both the molecular and spiritual levels, we are all one, connected by the universal source.

– Deepak Chopra

I for one am grateful to be one with this gem of an inspiring man:

Restaurant owner with down syndrome runs the friendliest eatery ever (link to video)

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