Day 8: All You Need

quiet mind
Formia, Italy (c) Veronica Anderson

This is how I survived the first day back at school, teaching English to grumpy Spanish teenagers. I have also done some good reflecting on the success I have with mindfully quieting my mind in comparison to five-years-ago-Veronica.

It is the one thing I have worked for with unfailing voracity.

And it all began with one breath. That moment when I realized how fucking magical it is that I keep breathing without even thinking about it.

Seriously, isn’t that the most epic miracle?

Imagine if you had to make all those individual muscles work consciously.

When that first breath happened that I finally appreciated this, I realized nothing is more important than experiencing each new inhale like the dawning of a new day. And so began a new path.


5 thoughts on “Day 8: All You Need

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      1. We don’t need to count them at all. Just keep breathing and enjoy the ride,
        feel the air,
        smell the flowers,
        receive a smile,
        give a hug,
        cry when your feel
        Just exhale 🙂

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