I’ve posted a manifesto.
It’s a work in progress (like me).

Why am I here being all vulnerable and honest every day? What is the reason to put myself out there like that? To be honest, it’s been a bumpy road. I’ve worked really hard to keep my head above water and I am going to celebrate each sweet breath of fresh air by letting my light shine in order to glorify the source from which that breath came.

The fact is, we all suffer. I only survived the darkest nights because there were some bright lights shining in the distance.

I’m just doing my part to add some beams of love and girders of compassion to the architecture of the here and now. Come, add your nails of wisdom and bolts of joy to help strengthen the love consciousness we’re building in the present for the future.

Let’s grow together. Let’s discover the here and now, together.

Let’s explore the divinity all around us, the essence of God which is available to us in every moment, the magnificent architecture of this universe that allows humans to have experiences that are so different and so similar all at once.

Cathedral of Palma De Mallorca, Spain (c) Veronica Anderson
Cathedral of Palma De Mallorca, Spain (c) Veronica Anderson

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