Day 9: How To Eat The Perfect Salad

Well composed cathedral in Burgos, Spain (c) Veronica Anderson
Well composed cathedral in Burgos, Spain (c) Veronica Anderson

Step 1: Take everything out of the fridge.
Spread it all over the counter,
organize it however the fuck you like,
gather ingredients that are balanced in color and flavor.

Step 2a: Turn on the faucet so a trickle of cold water
graces your kitchen with its life-giving presence.
Step 2b: Wash each leaf of lettuce
with concern and love.

Step 3: Appreciate with appropriate awe
how much time went into planting, growing and collecting your produce.
Think about all the hands that gave energy to you
by means of these leaves and veggies.

Think about the unconditional love
that resides within the cells of your lettuce and how
after all these years, the sun never says to the Earth,
“You owe me.”

Step 4: Stop. Really see all your ingredients.
Feel your feet on the floor,
the weight of your hands by your sides
and your red roots of energy connecting you to the Earth.

Step 5: Inhale.
Step 6: Exhale.
Step 7: Inhale.
Step 8: Exhale.

Step 9: Pick up that knife
you washed in mindfulnessthis morning
and compose your salad
like the artist you are.

Step 10: Observe your composition
and admire the perfection,
the colors, the scents, the flavors;
anticipate the symphony of love awaiting your taste buds.

Step 11: Carry that bowl with mindful steps,
like it contains the sacred source of all life,
because it does.
Step 12: Give thanks, praise and pause.

Step 13: Eat those veggies already!
Step 14: Observe how the love embodied in those carrots
fills up more than just your stomach
an energizes more than just your muscles.

Step 15: Rejoice in that unique ability to create
which all humans possess.
Step 16: Remember what it means
to live love, abundance and perfection.



¡Que aproveche!


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