Day 11: Why I am A Bad Blogger

Dance of Love
Dancing a Dance of Love



I Am A Bad Blogger

You know why it took me so long to design a blogspace.
I was afraid to be vulnerable.
And look at me now…
you are looking, aren’t you?

I am a bad blogger
because I don’t play the games
that most people are comfortable with.
I don’t self-depricate.

I don’t have problems with my body image,
I won’t say I do just so that you accept me
and I don’t have a hard time keeping New Years Resolutions
so we will have to bond over something else.

I like public speaking,
I don’t get nervous to step up and share my ideas
and I don’t waste my time melting my brain or eating bad food,
my body is a temple.

You see, I’m a bad blogger because
unlike The Bloggess, Allie Brosh, and The Oatmeal,
it hurts me to say bad things about myself.
And I just don’t do it.

The internet doesn’t want to read about your happiness.
Our society of love consciousness is still growing.
Joy in another’s joy is not yet taught in school
and it’s still uncool to be well-balanced.

Remember in Mean Girls
when Lindsey Lohan couldn’t think of a complaint about her body?
The immaturity of that mirror scene is all too real
and happens to be standard in youth today.

I’ve had my fair share of medical mishaps,
sleepless nights, toxic relationships,
days when I was lost at sea without a breeze,
and nights that ended with, “Pack your shit and get out.”

But the reason I’m a bad blogger is
that I don’t want to dwell on them.
I’m a bad blogger because I want to create a new blogosphere,
one where happiness, gratitude and abundance are the norm.

Why? Because I want one to hang out in and I can’t find one
and if you want something done right,
do it yourself.
Be the change you wish to see and all that.

Anyway, I’m still human and still vulnerable
and I think that we should all remember
that self-esteem and vulnerability
are not mutually exclusive.


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