Day 12 Again: How To Live Beautifully

Flow can bring creativity or destruction
Flow can bring creativity or destruction

Here is a longer description of The Law of Flow.


I’m responding to The Daily Post’s call for a post about “quirky,” which is a great word.

I was always told, “in order to be better you have to be different,” so I ever had much of a fear of being labeled weird or crazy. Somewhere along the way I learned that to “go with the flow” has a different meaning than simply floating along without intention or following the crowd mindlessly.

I prefer to live mindfully and I think that comes off in Western society as quirky!

I use the law of flow to stay connected to change and the always-pulsating current of energy surrounding me from all directions as the cosmos, planets and stars do their rhythmic dance, aligning and squaring off to influence my own chemistry, and therefore, my life.

There’s a great talk by Pema Chodron on the new Hopi prophecy written for this millennium where she discusses the metaphor of humans letting go of a river’s shores in favor of floating in the middle, where change is constant and life really happens.

Here is a clip from that talk. She mentions not taking anything too personally and learning to banish the word struggle from our attitudes and vocabulary.

I will probably post more of this talk down the road, have you heard her before? Do you like what Pema has to say?



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