Day 13: Why I’m Glad I Have An Alcoholic Father

I received the book Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss as a gift from someone who has been hearing a lot about my spiritual journey. The book found her first; she is one of those people that you may know — or be! — who is constantly looking for new books but has never finished a single one. Her library is the one I enjoy browsing most because we share similar interests but she is never too attached to a book to lend it out — sometimes permanently.

Myss describes a body of knowledge that resonates with me because she has come to her conclusions based on trial and error through personal experience. My scientific, logical brain loves that. Her story is unique because she did not, like most people, move along the path of spiritual growth starting inside a religion and transitioning to the outside world; her experience was quite the opposite.

Strange moments of “just knowing” unknowable things suddenly began to plague Myss and because these experiences persisted, she was forced to reckon with them. She eventually discovered that Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Jewish traditions all explained her experiences indirectly and in this book she has knitted their similarities together very skillfully. Myss describes a system that combines all of these religious traditions into one, distilling them into a scientific body of truth which is universally common to all humans.

Some people are taught these truths as children through religious practices, and others awaken to the truths automatically, but we are all capable of using them as a road map for the development of our consciousness and the inevitable challenges of our healing process.

“The truths contained in the scriptural teachings of the different religious traditions are meant to unite us, not separate us. Literal interpretation creates separation, whereas symbolic interpretation — seeing that all of them address the identical design of our spiritual natures — brings us together. As we shift our attention away from the external world and into the internal one, we learn symbolic sight. Within, we are all the same, and the spiritual challenges we face are mere physical props. the more we seek what is the same in all of us, the more our symbolic sight gains authority to direct us.”

The four religious traditions are united by a structure of seven life lessons that all humans experience on their developmental path and it is this structure which allows Myss and other intuitive healers to look at a person’s spiritual energy and diagnose how it is creating illness or dis-ease in the physical body. The lessons are a combination of the Tree of Kabbalah, the Christian Sacraments, and the Hindu Chakras and look like this:

The Divine Power Within Our Biological Design
The Divine Power Within Our Biological Design

You really must read her story yourself to fully grasp the evolution from newspaper journalist to intuitive healer, and I highly recommend the book for anyone looking to understand the power of intuition and its role in healing physically and spiritually.

However, what I want to do here in our blogspace is bring the lessons Myss describes out of the book and into the real world. I hope that by sharing personal anecdotes I can explain how these seven truths are common to all of us and demonstrate how every one of us can easily use these simple lessons to heal and grow.

Lessons? I hate school! Veronica, I don’t have time for more studying!

Don’t worry, friend! These particular assignments come without deadlines and you don’t even have to stay after school for extra help because the teachers come to you! They even wear fun costumes like “mean boss” or “alcoholic father” or “insulting sister.”

In the next week I would like to share with you one lesson a day from my own personal experiences and describe in words, poem, song, drawing or who-kows-what how the Universe, God, Allah, Buddha, or Yahweh gave me an accidental growing experience. Just maybe they are asking you to consider the very same truths.

I would start today but right now the moon is brightly shining oh-so-playfully through my window and she needs my attention.

Stay with me folks! We’re in for a wild ride 🙂


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