Day 18: I Love Planet Earth

I am so in love with planet Earth and everyone on it that I just CANNOT contain it!

It is so wonderful that YOU exist and I would like to wrap you in the biggest hug just for the simple reason that YOU are alive. I can’t do that so just know that as you read this, you are being enveloped in the warmest yellow-white light of love, straight from my heart to yours. This light is soothing and calming and if you allow it, will bring warm-fuzzies and a smile.

Like so many other beings at this time, I feel an intense emotional connection to the rest of Mother Earth’s children and the energy of compassion inside me is just itching to flow out and raise the vibrations of those around me.

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on a Valentine’s Day gift I’m going to ship to the States for someone special. I can’t share that project with you yet, I think he would be uncomfortable with it (even though no one in my physical life actually knows about this blog), but I can share the vibrations of it so here’s a snippet:

What does it mean when two people have the same palm lines?
What does it mean when two people have the same palm lines?


Here’s a song that I can’t stop listening to:


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