Day 19: The Links Between Architecture & Yoga (Includes Actual Links)

Sundays are the day I create a little compilation of spiritually oriented links for you friends so here we go! This one has a theme:

“For those of us wanting to continue to live and incarnate on this beautiful planet, we are being called forth to purge all the distorted energies within our being so we can co-create the new Earth. No one is going to create for us, we are co-creator beings and we are being call forth to step up, rise in vibration and allow our higher soul to merge with the physical body so our god selves can work through us. Our human egos have been in control for too long and it is time for our higher souls to come forward and take dominion over our lower self behaviors that create pain and destruction on Earth. This is part of our divine mission and souls evolution to merge into oneness, bringing our heaven (spiritual consciousness) here down on Earth so we can evolve this planet back into a state of abundance, balance, peace and harmony.”

To read more about this, click here for the full article written by Sabrina Reber.

I have been searching for a link between architecture and yoga for a long time.

When yoga is viewed as the practice of uniting all the different levels of consciousness we experience, this quote can be read as a call to action for architects and other designers of the city. Architects don’t have to simply work for the people, a new discipline is developing in which architects are working with communities as co-creators of the future in which we all wish to live.

Yoga, breath control and meditation are not just an on-the-mat practice, but are three parts of a collection of eight smaller practices including integrity, self-discipline, detachment from habits, focusing the mind, and experiencing oneness with the Divine. (Click here to read more!) Did you know you were doing yoga all day?! This is how I stop myself from getting down about skipping yoga for a day or two or seven: if you are focused on breathing while you walk from your desk to the bathroom, congrats, you just practiced yoga! If you give consideration to your ethical standards and act in accordance with the Golden Rule, congrats, you just did yoga!

You perfect yogi, you! Inspiring isn’t it?

Michael Reynolds is one of my favorite architects who has designed a form of housing he lovingly calls an Earth Ship. The architecture requires the involvement of the homeowner and in exchange, the home not only shelters the inhabitants but it also provides food, water, electricity, freedom and inspiration at no extra cost!

The homes are “radically sustainable…the Earthship is the epitome of sustainable design and construction. No part of sustainable living has been ignored in this ingenious building.” Read more on his website here.

This reminds me of an architect in the 70s who designed a house that relied on his waste inputs into the system so heavily that when a friend had to take over his duties keeping the system of plants and animals healthy while he was sick for a week, the whole thing collapsed!

Check out the structure pictured above which can be built by two people in three months for as little as $7000, here. Earthships are being built all around the world! If you’re interested, there is also a well-made documentary called Garbage Warrior about Reynolds’ struggles with the US government to achieve permission from the state to build off-the-grid housing. I enjoyed the film very much and you can watch entirely on youtube for free!

Have you heard of these Earthships before? What do you think the future holds for this kind of architecture? Have a happy Sunday!


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