Day 20: Today This Was Hard

Solapaca, Italy (c) Veronica Anderson
Solapaca, Italy (c) Veronica Anderson

But then I remember the best part of my day which was the cutest 11 year-old Spanish boy who I taught about Martin Luther King Jr. today in English class. Afterwards, he came up to ask me if there were still white people who thought they were better than black people in America.

I said sadly, “Yes, there are but we can change that, right?” He smiled and said “Yes! Veronica Luther King!” And we both laaaaaaaaaaaughed so happily together! He was happy to have communicated in English (well me too actually) and I was happy to have passed along a successful lesson about human rights!

I felt so much pride teaching about the amazing human being Dr. King was and I’m lucky to have had the chance to share it.


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