Day 21: Nature Never Fears

To Lose

This was the simple verb I was looking to make a flashcard about this evening in preparation for my first English class tomorrow morning. A quick Google Images search of the phrase produced astonishing results:

Google Images Search "to lose"
Google Images Search “to lose”

Should I have been surprised that there was not one single image of a man who lost his shoe? Well I don’t know. But I sure was.

How can it be that an entire culture is so crazy about losing weight but it is still the most dramatically obese one in the entire world?

And then I read this quote that took my breath away and caused my music to stop all by itself, at the same time:

Nature Never Fears
Nature Never Fears


We are so tied down by fear as a culture: fear of being too fat, fear of never finding love, fear of being under someone else’s power… the list goes on but what I think it comes down to is a fear of loss. To me, every good example of how to live can be found in nature.

Does the moon struggle to be perfect for the sun? Does she ever worry about being thin enough for him? Does she ever doubt that she deserves his love? I think the day the Moon starts to lose faith — the day she has her first fear — will be the darkest night we have ever known.

Fear is the opposite of love and it’s what I fight against every day, in my own life and especially in my teaching experience. I find that not only am I forced to keep my chin up and confront the fear of messing up in front of a class of students every day, but I am also addressing this theme when it comes to getting them to practice speaking. Fear is the largest factor in the ability of most people to fully learn a language, simply because there is always the slightly higher chance of making a fool of yourself. Couple that with normal teenage social weirdness and, well, I’m sure you remember high school Spanish class…

I’ve ever learned more in my life though, than a time when I was facing a fear. As one friend is fond of telling me, “Do something that scares you every day.” That phrase ruffled my feathers the first time I heard it. What’s your take on this practice? Have you had success with this mantra?


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