I want to share something beautiful that happened to me last night because I believe in showing gratitude for what I have been given…

I was riding the metro home from a loud club, eyes closed, a lone cup of wine in my belly and a soothing melody in my headphones, I let my head rest on the wall with a spontaneous smile on my face. After I sensed my stop nearing I sat up and prepared to get off. It was then that the man next to me told me he had never seen a face of such peaceful, relaxed calm in his life.

Curiously, he launched into a speech about how important it is to regularly find true peace because if you can’t, your judgement becomes unsound and your ability to act justly becomes impaired by the craziness and wicked people around you. He told me that I must never forget how to relax like that and indeed I will never forget his intensity.

I met an angel last night. I wish you peace when you step into each new present moment and also the eyes to see the angels who come to you with little steering adjustments from God.


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