Day 25 Again: Be Here, Be Now. Here’s How:

I have always thought that learning was the most incredible experience. I have also always seen learning as a reason to teach. Actually I believe it is every learner’s obligation to teach.

Listening, Writing, Doing, Teaching
Listening, Writing, Doing, Teaching

When I heard about the levels of learning at some point in high school, I finally understood why my teachers were always asking me to show my classmates how to do work I had already finished.

Basically, the first and least likely to stick, is simply listening passively or even rote memorization. The info passes through with little significance. The second highest level of learning is note-taking or any action that encourages comprehension. Third highest is  doing something to apply information solidifies the understanding and proves you’ve learned just by using that knowledge you are being taught. The fourth level of learning, the way in which information is most deeply engrained, is through teaching. Teaching involves the act of correlation, connecting ideas and creating new associations which forms the deepest understanding that sticks with a person the longest.

I teach because I like to learn. Simple as that.

The cool thing is, you don’t need a classroom or a group of students to be a teacher. The only thing you need to teach, is knowledge. Wisdom helps too, but that’s not even necessary. Teaching is the ultimate benevolent act because the student gains as much as the teacher.

This post was inspired by the Daily Post prompt of the day, and my beautiful yoga teacher who shared a lovely mantra with me today.

This is what I want to pass on to you (for my benefit as much as yours).

Be Here. Be Now. Here’s How:

Allow the current of stuff we call “life,”
the pure energy coming from all directions,
to light up your being and move into your body
on the wings of a breath.

Let the same power that turns clouds pink,
that opens baby flower blossoms,
and sounds jubilant church bells
carry you into the present moment.

You are pure energy,
pure potential,
a channel through which
the universe flows.

That’s it.
There’s nothing more.
Be open or closed,
whatever you choose, be conscious.

I urge you to choose, of course,
the vulnerability of openness.
Have the courage to let down your floodgates
and flow with the deluge that comes on each breath.

Breathing in, be here.
Breathing out, be now.
Breathing in, I am here.
Breathing in, I am now.

"Expansion" by Paige Bradley
“Expansion” by Paige Bradley

ProjectSpace is a project of another beautiful yoga teacher I am blessed to know. I have always supported her in everything she does and thought perhaps one of you could make use of the information found here about her work to bring yoga into underserved communities. She is bringing mindfulness to the streets on her 52-day bike tour of the United States starting this Spring.


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