Day 26: Link Roundup – Spirituality & Inspiration

divineEvery Sunday I put all the beautiful knowledge nuggets I’ve come across on the internet into one post for everyone to enjoy in the hopes of sharing some inspiration. Here it is:

science_ An article that will make you think twice about how you speak (link)
music_ Three Irish men sing the Friends theme song like angels (link)
animation_ Lightning bolt slowed down to show the power of nature (link)
video_ A song about loving loneliness (link; 5 mins)
art_ Watch this amazing artist use her body to create works of art (link)
activism_ Nominate Thich Nhat Hanh for the Nobel Peace Prize (link)
yoga_ Photographer catches proof that men love yoga too (link)

May you all enjoy the peace that comes between moments of action and find yourself present at each and every moment in the coming week. Stay tuned, I am in talks with my yoga teacher friend about an exciting new project!

The Sacred Architecture of the Here and Now


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