Day 27: Woah Questions!

I just accidentally pressed ALT + 3 on my keyboard and those hearts came up out of nowhere! I am choosing to believe it’s a sign from my angels. 😉 Those helpful guys have been teaching me SO MUCH lately!

Today has been super hectic and emotional but at least I felt like I had it under control. (Somehow I started the day by turning down the offer to renew my teaching position and ended it by picking up my official Spanish ID card.) Myself that is, definitely not my high school students. I wish there was a way to force the lazy ones to care about learning a new language! Anyway, here’s a video that made me think about my life.

What role does one lonely t-shirt play in the lives of the people who made it? This short film put together by NPR tells the story of two garment workers who represent the millions of people working in these countries to make the clothes you are wearing at this very moment. And they do it for the lowest wages in the entire world. Jazmine grew up as a burden to her family in a village where people worry about getting enough food to eat, and sometimes don’t. Imagine working long hours at a monotonous low wage job that you are still grateful for because it is still an escape from poverty.

Who are the people that make our clothes? What are their lives like?

Are we providing opportunities or taking advantage of a desperate population? How do we feel about how these millions of people depend on such a demeaning job?

Questions are important. Question everything.

On another, slightly less existential note, I added a new page to my blog! Look up there and click “Post-It Affirmations” or look, I’ll put a link down here just for you. There. See how much I love you? Okay, enjoy. Also, you can like this blog on Facebook to see new posts and projects with greater ease!

Happy Monday, Spirit Warriors!

The Sacred Here and Now


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