Day 29: How To Move On

Pennsylvania, USA (c) Veronica Anderson

I find that affirmations are such an important part of making a new start for myself and that is why I find joy in sharing some of the wisdom that has helped me along the way. Words, both written and spoken, have specific vibrations, just like thoughts, emotions, and actions. This is why simply reading something every day can help create change.

These affirmations have been added to my Post-It Affirmations page. Check it out, you might find something made just for you! Don’t worry if you don’t think you’re ready for change. If you really aren’t, you won’t find anything earth-shaking. Every change finds us exactly when we’re ready for it.

Hey, did you ever notice how similar the words CHANGE and CHALLENGE are? I think the best advice for moving on is to really commit to seeing challenges as an opportunity for growth and rebirth. Make the hard stuff into vessels that carry you into a better version of yourself. We are all the powerful centers of our very own universes, and that means we can do anything.

Want to dance to another rhythm? Do it. Want to be more fulfilled? Make changes. Want to be happier? Practice gratitude. We all hold all the answers to our own questions, the problem is often just finding the faith in our own voice. I’m not an expert at that yet, but I can say for sure, that it gets easier to hear the answers every time we set the intention to tune in.

Feeling stuck is proof that it’s time to move on. The actual movement isn’t the hard part, it’s finding the right direction in which to go. Start by honoring your Self and that inner voice.

Tomorrow is a New Moon. If you want to know more about how you can take a moment to help yourself forward on the path to enlightenment, have a look at a wealth of expert advice on how the time is right for new beginnings, here.

Tunisia (c) Veronica Anderson



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