Day 30: The First Day I Didn’t Post

Old Veronica would have been all stressed about meeting the arbitrary 12-midnight deadline she had set for herself at the beginning of her 365 Day Creativity Challenge. Actually, old Veronica would not have even set such a challenge for herself, she would have been too busy and scared to be vulnerable on the internet. A blog? Not a chance.

Well tonight I am here to post a little teaser in regards to the future of this glorious little corner of the internet. Today I spent the evening in a spacious subterranean cafe with my yoga teacher after class, putting the finishing touches on a project we will be dress rehearsing this weekend! It’s a combination of design, yoga, creativity, and stewardship and the meeting couldn’t have been more inspired. Here’s what our work ended up looking like…

Well I can't give away the secret project just yet so if you figured it out... shh!
Well I can’t give away the secret project just yet so if you figured it out… shh!

When I came home, I baked banana bread which I’ll post about tomorrow because it’s super easy and messy in just the right way. Tonight is the second New Moon in January and a time of new beginnings. Every New Moon (when we can’t see her and are waiting for the crescent to reappear) I make a list of ten goals for the new cycle we’re embarking on. It’s lovely to look back every once in a while and see how things are coming. One of my goals was to bake something tasty, so I cut it close, but officially the day isn’t over until my head hits the pillow.

Other goals I set on January 1st, the last New Moon, were to blog, yoga and meditate everyday. I am proud to say that I have the right to check those off my list and that is such a source of gratitude for me. My affirmation which came to me through the tarot cards was “I open myself to life’s bounty with gratitude” and though that didn’t make it onto a Post-it note or even into my conscious mind every day, the vibration was there beneath it all, and I truly do feel more in connection with Cosmic Law a month after I wrote that down.

Here’s a word cloud I made tonight while brainstorming names for our new project, debuting next week (ish). Don’t miss it! You can follow this blog on Facebook here so you’re sure not to miss the unveiling of our heart-centered project.

This works like a game: fold it in half, spin it around, open it and the first word you read is meant to find you in that particular moment. Make your own!

What do you want to start the month with the intention to achieve?What are your goals for the next month? Speak them aloud to the stars, write them on a piece of paper, or journal them out in a comment below!

I love sharing the exciting energy of new beginnings with you. Thank you for being!

The Sacred Here and Now



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