Day 32: The Surest Way To Never Get Somewhere

Nature Loves Courage.
Nature Loves Courage.

The End

One night I saw a spiral.
In a deep state of relaxation,
I simply knew
I must see where it led.

As I slowly looked up,
I found myself traveling
counter-clockwise ever upwards.
I sensed there was an end.

When I tried to look out
over what I now realized was a railing
all I could see
was swirling misty fog.

I knew there was no way for me to understand
that through which I was climbing;
all that surrounded me
was beyond what I needed to know.

As I walked up what I now saw were stairs
I was bound to ask,
“Where do these stairs lead?”
“To God,” they answered.

It was so obvious I could have laughed.
I kept climbing but I had to ask,
“Do I have to keep walking forever?
What if I get too tired?”

They made me remember,
we always have a choice.
I thought about how long I had now been climbing
and knew there was no going back.

There was the option to stop but then what?
I zoomed out and realized,
I could either keep on climbing or sit
and enjoy just one view for all eternity.

I zoomed back in
and remembered the question that brought me here
the thing I had come to find out,
What am I hiding from my Self?

I wanted to know what it was I couldn’t admit
and I found the answer there on a set of stairs
not unlike the ones I take every day down to
the Metro or between the bathroom and my office.

I am afraid I won’t be strong enough to keep climbing
and that I will have no choice but to stop,
waste time, and lose hope.
I am afraid the stairs will win.

They assured me: “Well, then they will.”
They made me remember, we always have a choice.
They said, “The surest way to never reach the end
is to believe you aren’t strong enough to get there.”


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