Day 42: InstaBlog

Sometimes I get really excited about an idea and I want to share it. That’s when inspiration is impossible to ignore and so, I’ve created a little home for these nuggets that I’m going to call InstaBlog! I’m going to create a page up there at the top, next to the Post-it Affirmations and About Me and Blog Manifesto because it’s just one more way that I hope to organize the creative flow that this 365 Day Creativity Challenge is about focusing on and bringing to light.

When I took three days off from posting this weekend I was really pleased to notice the habit of creativity I had solidified. Even though I wasn’t focused on creating content for my blog challenge, I was still mindful of the creative force flowing through me and found myself making time to draw on the beach or take photos of little tide pools. This was the true reason for the blog, not a popularity contest or even a vehicle for sharing inspiration, but a way to increase my mindfulness of my innate creative abilities.

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.
The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.

We all have the power to be creative. Creativity is an option in every moment; whether it involves a pencil and paper or just a window and a daydream, as humans our capacity to create thoughts, ideas and actions is limitless and beautiful.

How has your New Years resolution list turned out so far? Are you being true to yourself this year? Have you honored your innate desire to rise to your highest potential?

I know that it is very hard sometimes to force myself into completing the challenges I’ve set for my own good. I hate to admit it but in the end the brief pain of overcoming stagnation and inertia to complete a task is so worth it. The self-deprecation and disappointment of shirking what I know I am capable of is much more damaging than the momentary sting of tearing myself away from Facebook or Reddit or whatever else appeals more to my ego in that moment. This is what I’ve learned in the last forty two days and I can’t wait to see what comes to me in the next 323. Stick around, it’s gonna be good.

Thanks for being, fellow Light Workers,
The Sacred Architecture of the Here and Now


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