Day 43: The Photo That Changed Everything

The sketch I used here is a vision of the moon from 1873! I'm obsessed.
The sketch I used here is a vision of the moon from 1873! I’m obsessed.

There was a photograph that circulated in 1968 through post-war Western society that changed everything. The sight of the earth rising from the surface of the moon beamed through space to every home in suburbia re-awoke in the mind an understanding of the earth as a cohesive global space. I would argue that it was this level of consciousness that gave birth to the summer of love and the paradigm of peace and love that was introduced to the United States immediately following the first moment the whole country saw their home planet as one discrete entity.

That first image of Mother Earth changed everything for a period of time until we became desensitized to the truth of that oneness. Once the awakening occurred, not all of the consciousness awoken in the population would die out or weaken. there would always be a current of understanding beneath the loud and ambivalent masses. The truth of the union between Mother Earth body’s and our own bodies will always exist – and has always existed – but the impact of this single photo has been forgotten and the result has been global inequality of increasing proportions.



I really love these old sketches of what people from the nineteenth century imagined Earth would look like from the moon. It’s so lovely to imagine being completely unsure of what lays outside our atmosphere…

What do you think, are we on a path to remembering our global oneness? Does it feel like we’re generally moving toward unity or total division?


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