Day 44: Subliminal Self-Love

Click here for an extensive list of random acts of kindness. Maybe you can make tomorrow a day of love detached from social pressures by showing kindness in unexpected ways!

This list not only gave me some inspiring ways to forward all the love I download from Mother Earth on a daily basis, but also reminded me that I am doing a good job being a kind person. Loving kindness toward ourselves is often an important facet of the big L-word that we forget about. We’re all hard on ourselves about being “good” in whatever way we define that but it’s equally important to balance that drive to be our higher self with confirmation that we have made progress in that direction. How do you show love to yourself?

Here are some affirmations I put on my mirror so I can see them every day and subliminally increase my capacity for self-love. If there were ever a short cut to being a more loving person, daily affirmations would be it!

1000suns amazing♥


5 thoughts on “Day 44: Subliminal Self-Love

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    1. SO glad they resonate with you, friend! Thanks for sharing your Self photo 🙂 I like the word “selfie” because it has a playful vibe that makes taking pictures of yourself less socially awkward and gives it a fun/silly twist.

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