Day 57: Upsidedown Shower Curtain

An upsidedown shower curtain
Bathroom tiles
And a multicolored window
Float above my belly.

Looking down at them I am
More mesmerized
By the changing forms
With each passing breath.

As I become unaware
Of my body below,
The architecture shows me
The true nature of its materials.

What if each time
Tiles and ceilings appeared
We needed only to relax
And focus on the way

Reality bends and flows
In accordance with
Our natural rhythm
And our own free will?

What if below the surface
Of the reflections
We perceive as solid
And call “reality”

There lies a divine vibration
Made up of ether
More real
Than we can ever know?

Krabi, Thailand; Photographer Unknown
Krabi, Thailand; Photographer Unknown

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