Day 60: What Does Surrender Look Like?

The moon is dark,
it’s the first day of March,
and last month
three old pens dried up on me.

Each time they wheezed out
their dying thoughts
they struck me with their poignancy
amidst the sea of words that flowed before.

Us and those pens, we’re all heading to
the same final demise.
Our dying breath will underline and embolden
our final words after we let go, at last.

I hope that won’t be the first time
I learn to surrender,
and that before my last breath
my Self will be long gone.

I figured it out;
I solved the puzzle,
so I’m going to tell you why we can
and can’t live without Love…

It’s because the moment we stop
spinning our wheels towards isolation and self control
we slide off the cliff into the dark madness of love and
we experience trust in a wisdom greater than our own.

But you don’t need to kiss something
to lose control and fall in love.
Feel the breath of the Earth on your cheek
and give up your Self in love with Life.

That’s what surrender looks like.

Blue Hole, Lighthouse Reef, Belize
Blue Hole, Lighthouse Reef, Belize

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