Day 62: Fireflies, Tears, and Rocks

The 365 Day Creativity Challenge has already changed lives!

The Sacred Architecture of Here and Now

Carnaval, Extremadura, Spain Angels parading around during Carnaval in Extremadura, Spain

Do you ever open the faucet

and feel gratitude pour out?

Do you ever see stars

and smell happiness?

Do the fireflies blink

to the rhythm of your heart?

Does the rain fall

to the tune of your tears?

Do you vibrate in harmony

with the birds and the rocks?

Does the sun rise

with a surge of your inner power?

Does it?

Do you?

I wonder.

P.S. I lied, I’ll create/write something tomorrow about Carnaval. Going through all 500 photos has exhausted me tonight and this poem poured out of me first.

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