Day 66: A Poem About Longing

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A Familiar Feeling

There’s a familiar feeling of longing
That only the moon can make subside. I feel it
When I’m walking and drinking the sun on my face,
Her energy holds my hand because yours can’t.

When it’s time to feed myself
I am never satisfied.
Somehow I always make two portions
And I always wonder if you would think it to salty.

There’s an emptiness I’ll try to describe
By telling you where I feel absence of you.
It starts between my legs
Which long to wrap around your waist.

It travels into my stomach
Where it feels heavy and sickening.
It moves into my heart, which simultaneously
Implodes and explodes all in one moment.

I fills up my throat with lumps
And a love that itches to spill from my lips.
My eyes cloud over with either tears or light;
I can’t stand it for long enough to find out.

My eyes drift shut.
I feel you and I don’t.
Even my sweet moon
Doesn’t fill me like you.


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