Day 69: Something Special Has Sprung…

SPRING has sprung, silly!

You and your dirty mind had to go and get all imaginative. What do you think this is, a blog about creativity? …For crackers’ sake!

So, anyway, have you beautiful friends of mine been to the gorgeous city of Madrid yet? If you have, I bet you made it to Parque del Retiro, it’s one of the busiest places in the city, and with good reason too! I’m always amazed at the coexisting Madrileños and tourists as I wander among the fountains, peacocks, and palaces. I have logged countless hours in this park and I am sure there is still more to discover.

Here is a series of snapshots to bring some spring into your day and to offer a bit of travel inspiration if you haven’t made it to the shores of El Estanque de Retiro yet.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What’s Mother Earth doing where you are? Have your trees been graced with their first colorful blossoms yet? Have the robins arrived? Are your gardens full of the pregnant promises of flowery friends? Which “Spring Thing” do you love the most?

Mine is — by far — the chance to sit in the sun, sleeveless and sweaty, in a Spanish plaza while drinking something cool.

Here’s a spring song I cannot stop listening to:

Also, sorry to the Southern Hemisphere, hope you guys don’t feel marginalized, Autumn is cool too. Go rake some leaves.


2 thoughts on “Day 69: Something Special Has Sprung…

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    1. WOAH! That is an insane amount of architecture, I’m so happy you found my blog and shared this with me just in time for the weather to get perfect for exploring 🙂 THANK YOU, Virginia! Hope your thesis is going well. Care to share what your concentration is?

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