Day 79: Dear Duality, An Equinox Poem

Happy Equinox, friends! In many cultures this day of perfectly balanced sunlight and moonlight is considered the beginning of not only Spring, but the New Year as well! Since shedding my friends, cultures, and lovers in the move to Spain, I have found myself more in touch with Nature and her cycles than ever before. And it’s gorgeous; my love is overflowing and pouring out in the creative energy flow. Here’s a preface and a snippet…

The struggle between light and dark forces creates the opposition needed to attain immortality.

Archetypical stories convey this divine truth through many tales: the princess kissing the toad and finding true love, the suffering Job who realizes divine love, the ugly duckling who realizes he’s a swan, etc, etc. Personally, my favorite storyteller has always been Mother Earth. More likely than not we are all most familiar with her version of the above-mentioned truth in the form of the changing seasons.

The Equinoxes, the two days of perfect balance that mark the end of Winter and the end of Summer, are so exquisitely beautiful and celebrated for their power because of the ebb and flow of night and day which we experience all year long. The somewhat ordinary experience of this day for many people points us to an understanding of necessary duality and how life couldn’t exist without it. So without further ado, a poem:



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