Day 80: The Next Level

We have a house guest. He is a young American who’s been traveling the world for the last six months and has appeared on our couch for a few days. Somehow, despite our love of visiting new places and photography we have very little in common and I was not sympathetic to his stories about the lack of bars and alcohol during his last three months of traveling. As we chatted over empty brunch dishes this happened…

– Well I’ve never stayed in a place for more than five days really. Usually when I get bored I just move on.

– Oh, yeah… I usually try not to get bored.

– Ha, yeah that’s what I’m doing. (Gestures to laptop, iPad, and iPhone)

– No, I mean, I don’t believe in being bored.

– Oh? How do you figure that?

– *Realizing I’m trapped I pause to find the simplest explanation* The whole idea of life is just such a miracle, how can you be bored? I mean the fact that your skin holds all your organs and bones together in the perfect places is just fucking magical! You know what I mean? What are the chances?

– *Longer pause followed by shocked laughter, raised eyebrows, and a look of total disbelief* That’s some next level shit. You just took that to a whole ‘nother place on me, I was not prepared.

Aaand that’s how I did not make a new friend this week. ♥

The Divine Power Within Our Biological Design
The Divine Power Within Our Biological Design

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