Day 82: Link List – Soulful SUNday

Happy Tuesday! Here’s some inspiration for your morning train ride or lunch break or sanity break anywhere in between. ♥

The Sacred Architecture of Here and Now

Life is really funny. The things we feel come at the worst times, the stuff that challenges us the most, the ways we get pushed out of our comfort zone: ultimately they were exactly what we needed at the time but our perspectives somehow kept us from appreciating that. Why is it so hard to see the comedy in the hardness of a life fully lived?

Time seemingly wasted in search of the right answers and treatments to fix the things that ail us never fail to set off a potent spiral of this sucks, whyme and I hate… but does that mean we’re on the wrong path or do these feelings indicate that we’ve entered the part called the Dark Night? Ultimately no one can decide for us, we must choose how to proceed.

There is the choice to spare ourselves pain in this moment and seek the…

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