Day 83: How I Feel About Being Human

The Daily Prompt asked for a post about my job and how I feel about it. So naturally I went into abstract-land and came up with something to say about being human. Because that’s the only job I know I was born to do.

Being Human
Being Human

The back story here is this is an image that came to me in meditation while an energy healer was sending me a blast of positive vibes. I’ve been thinking about it for a week or so, trying to amp myself up to do it the justice I know it deserves. I think maybe I came kinda close.

Here’s what I realized: this physical body is made up of intentions (stay grounded, act from compassion, lose the ego, etc.) and that body is just a channel for energy in all its forms. If we follow the energy chain up from our bodies we see that our actions are made possible by food, made possible by sunlight, made possible by nuclear fusion, made possible by the fact the whole Universe exists. You can choose to see this as confirmation that the whole universe exists just so you can play Bejeweled on your phone or as confirmation that we exist so the Universe can be expressed in our actions.

From this perspective, it’s much easier to be lighthearted and carefree about this trek called “life” because you see that the whole point of it is just to BE. Once you get that down — yeah, I know, easier said than done — you can move on to focusing on what to be. Next, you realize “authentic” is the what and then it’s all about how. I’m still working on how to be authentic.

I know this though: “authentic” is what you are when as few barriers as possible separate you from God. Destroying perceptions like “me vs. you” and chipping away at habits like anger have been helpful so far.

So, anyway, that’s how I’m doing my being-human job these days: destructively. ♥


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