Day 84: I Am An Intuitionist

A poem about intuition with a bonus link to an angel hug!

The Sacred Architecture of Here and Now

This is the image that lead me to a beautiful new spiritual experience. See below for details! This image of Archangel Uriel lead me to a beautiful new experience. See the bottom for details!

I Am An Intuitionist

I am not a Fill in the Blank.
I am not a Religion.
I am a Veronica.
I am an Intuitionist.

I use the name God
but I am not a Christian.
I pray to Lord Ganesha
but I am not a Hindu.

I quote the Buddha
but I am no Buddhist.
I speak about The Way
but I am no Taoist.

I’ve found it’s more fun this way
and I feel neither lonely nor confused
because when I am nothing and everything
there is no vocabulary to separate us.

Before I came along,
no one had ever lived this life.
So how can there already be a book
a perfect guide by which to live it?

There are many scriptures which resonate inside me
like memories sung by…

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