Day 84: I Am An Intuitionist

This is the image that lead me to a beautiful new spiritual experience. See below for details!
This image of Archangel Uriel lead me to a beautiful new experience. See the bottom for details!

I Am An Intuitionist

I am not a Fill in the Blank.
I am not a Religion.
I am a Veronica.
I am an Intuitionist.

I use the name God
but I am not a Christian.
I pray to Lord Ganesha
but I am not a Hindu.

I quote the Buddha
but I am no Buddhist.
I speak about The Way
but I am no Taoist.

I’ve found it’s more fun this way
and I feel neither lonely nor confused
because when I am nothing and everything
there is no vocabulary to separate us.

Before I came along,
no one had ever lived this life.
So how can there already be a book
a perfect guide by which to live it?

There are many scriptures which resonate inside me
like memories sung by my choirs of ancestors;
as I write them down in my bible
my spirit dances the pages to life.

My intuition is the voice of God,
Shiva and Shakti dance to my heartbeat,
and borne up on angels’ wings
the Buddha cradles me in his lap.

When I pray I ask every one of the energies
that have ever been or will ever be
to surround me with their healing grace,
because I am just too humble to call them by name.

If you smell the stars and taste the clouds,
if the voice of God enters you on the wings of bird song
and the sky changes colors in response to your gratitude,
you are an Intuitionist, and I thank you for being.


Namaste β™₯


The Equinox vibrations are still strong and the New Moon on Sunday promises to bring even more light into the reach of those who seek it. Please enjoy this beautiful meditation I found today; it touched something new, deep inside me and it is worth fifteen minutes of your time. Try listening to it lying down with your palms facing up and feel the uplifting energy surround you! Click here to enjoy a transcendental experience that is accessible to any and all human beings, regardless of experience or religion. It gave birth to this poem. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Day 84: I Am An Intuitionist

Add yours

    1. YOU’RE beautiful! Thank you! I am certainly feeling extra sensitive these days (noises are louder, energy is lower)… how is the Cross making itself known to you, Audrey?

      1. i feel lighter, in all senses of the word. i feel the divine feminine guiding my actions, thoughts, and dreams. i feel i’m stepping into my power, and i feel extra sensitive as well. sounds, smells, and just ENERGY in general. i feel my thoughts are manifesting quicker than i can keep up, so i’m just trying to watch them and dismiss the ones that don’t serve me…
        yanno?! πŸ˜‰ gah, it’s so nice to find another soul to speak my language with!!

      2. now that you mention it i DID manifest a really wonderful new blogfriend and a bunch of opportunities to confront deep fears this week! i’m going to be more tuned into the lightness you mentioned, maybe i’m imagining the low-energy feeling and it’s just the repeated doctors visits that are draining me. it really IS wonderful to speak our language together, thanks for sharing! πŸ˜‰

  1. some doctors can carry a low-vibration, no doubt. i am finding my need to “unplug” and “de-cord” is much more prevalent and entirely necessary. i kind of panic if i’m around too much other “energetic debris” … having said that, it’s not going to change, so i have to be the one to adapt… and that is my current challenge. anchored, centered, and unwaveringly present – that’s how i have consciously approach every moment… and with each day that passes, that need becomes stronger and stronger… and YEAH – i manifested a new blogfriend, too! πŸ˜€ yay us!!!!

    1. so i’m kind of in a retreat from society since i moved to spain and have been unplugged and de-corded pretty well since september. i don’t have a phone and only have my laptop on when absolutely necessary. it’s been incredible to notice just how different i feel and i’ve gained a completely new perspective on myself from all this solitude, it’s insane. that anchored, centered, and present challenge is what i’m ALL about these days too. it’s funny because i thought i was all about it before but solitude takes it to a whole new level. i was doing a grounding visualization every morning for that reason and to help my root chakra but i’ve slacked of actually. time to rededicate! thanks for the reminder!

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