Day 97: What Is The Difference Between Love & Fear?

This is a poem I wrote a week or so ago. I decided to post it because another one came out of me today on the same theme. It was late at night when I wrote this one and I was having trouble sleeping because of my sensitive heart and too-thin skin which often lets in more emotions than can possibly make something as peaceful as sleep happen. Now seems like a fine time to mention that until four months ago writing poetry was never an outlet for my creativity (apart from the occasional haiku) and I’m really over-joyed to share this new branch of me with the world. I hope you’ll feel some kind of connection to this too-human experience of feeling which keeps all of us up at night.

"Expansion" by Paige Bradley
“Expansion” by Paige Bradley

Love vs. Fear

The feeling of a heart
ripping open at the seams
is the very center
of the human condition.

It matters not
whether it is split open by loss
or whether it bursts apart
from the fullness of love.

Which is icy and which is hot?
To which do you run
and from which do you hide?
Wiser to ask: are they different at all?

Does the loss not invoke love
for a wholeness once known?
Does attachment not call up fear
for the treasure that can now be lost?

So fear or love, which is the best?
Where do we run and where do we hide?
Who gave us the authority to decide?
Who taught us to have the right response?

Well balance is -1+1,
and zero is the center of infinity
so the heart chooses neither love nor loss,
because it knows there is nowhere to hide.

To the heart they are no different
than night and day
and it is the mind which forgets
love and fear inter-are.


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