Day 115: Activating Security

Security…it’s simply the recognition that changes will take place and the knowledge that you’re willing to deal with whatever happens.                     – Harry Browne

Recently I watched this time lapsevideo of a little girl growing up and couldn’t help but notice that when the preteen years struck, so did the insecurity shown in the self-conscious looking away from the camera and hair-fidgeting. Days later I also ran across a Dove advertisement based on the same concept. I remember a time in my life too when I saw my girlfriends shriek at the sight of a camera and practiced the same acts of insecurity, simply because it seemed like what everyone else was doing. I still find myself trying to correct this wrong.

Security is not something I recognize or even understand. Growing up with an emotionally abusive father and a mother who suffers from PTSD meant that I’ve had to teach myself everything I know about what it means to be safe and secure. Luckily I’ve got the help of many wonderful teachers including Deepak Chopra who has put together this amazing meditation with Oprah as part of the Finding Your Flow Meditation Challenge. I’m sharing it below because I believe in the message.

But why even bother with security? So you feel insecure, whose business is it? Everyone’s. You are a precious and unique part of the fabric of the cosmos, the circle of life, and the network of sentient beings on this planet. We are all depending on your ability to share your gifts and your health is what makes that possible. Your peace and happiness benefit us all.

beingDeepak talks about the connection between security and the root chakra. This ball of energy that dwells at the base of the spine is our energetic foundation. If we wish to know what it means to truly be we must begin or end with what it means to be grounded, safe, whole in the present moment. Traditionally this is the beginning of the spiritual journey but I urge you to take comfort in the fact that eight years of rigorous work has led me to today, the first moment I grasped the concept of inner security and stability.

Note: I said “grasp,” there’s a lot of work left to do. Looking forward to it! Join me? What has taught you about security? Are you grounded and stable? Did you start off that way? Leave a note below!


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  1. This one is my fav so far 😉 all are so nice though! I like how he tells you he will ring a bell and the music mixed with the mantra and GREAT motivational talk at the end is so superb.

    1. this was my favorite too! i’ve done a lot of meditations but there’s something really great about these, they have “it” 🙂

      On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 3:59 PM, The Sacred Architecture of Here and Now wrote:


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