Day 116: Activating Happiness

blissHappiness: it’s what we’re all after. Ghandi said, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” And is that it? Is it so simple? I think a fundamental idea is missing from this statement that Ghandi understood and it is an understanding that so many spiritual teachers take for granted.

If you are connected to your deepest dreams and respect the spark of desire as life energy which brings pleasure instead of something egotistical to be suppressed, happiness will flow to you. But flash forward and you’re sitting on the floor after meditation, feeling sick and tired and thinking that you couldn’t nourish your dreams any more and wondering why you don’t feel so happy.

The only answer is authenticity and balance. The second chakra is the center of emotions which are the energetic flow of feelings and thought. At some point there comes an acceptance of the fact that sometimes, happiness just isn’t coming. In those moments, this beautiful thing called balance reminds us to go into the dark, cozy place and curl up in the most nurturing and self-loving way, feeling totally secure in the fact that today, we’re not happy. Wishing you luck on your emoting! Safe travels!


2 thoughts on “Day 116: Activating Happiness

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  1. Thanks my friend!! I very much enjoyed this meditation. Soon to check back to listen to the others you have posted 😉 Also, I might try using soundcloud on my blog.

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