125: Para Todos

Flashback: A crowded subterranean bar, funky jazz moves a room full of people around you, drunk and high off sweat and life. Wave after wave of saxophone and sexy sweet voice lap up against your brain which has stopped feeling and now just is. You dance and breathe, these verbs have become one, and when the music pauses, you open your eyes to smile sheepishly at the other lost faces. Fearing the return to reality, your eyes drift upwards as if following the last notes of the religious experience Señor Trumpet just brought and they find something better. El sol sale para todos. The words melt into the new drum beat and your feet move to the rhythm, forever changed but still the same. Now you dance with a different awareness, a feeling you always had but never knew, a unified separation, familiar but different.

Flash forward: The sun comes out for everyone… Do you feel the weight of such simple words? It simultaneously carries so many beautiful meanings and deserves a moment of pause. First, we all exist under the same sun, all equal in our dependence on his life-giving rays which give us warmth by way of coal and oil, and energy by way of plants and animals. Second, the unavoidable darkness of despair in any life never lasts forever because the sun will always come out to brighten the shadows, no matter who or where you are. Third, the darkness of illusion and delusion are equally temporary for each person and every being has the exact same capacity to feel the new rays of the enlightening, rising sun on her face.

Words have so much power. They carry vibrations, whether spoken or read. Don’t believe me? Compare how you feel when you read this word: “rape” to how you feel when you read this word: “cuddle” and you’ll see what I mean. Perhaps this can bring us closer to an understanding of the idea that what we think, shapes what we are. This is why goal-setting, affirmations and mantras are so beautifully effective: they are all ways of setting our vibrations. I could go on, but I’d rather leave you with this warm sunny mandala.

The sun comes out for everyone.
The sun comes out for everyone.

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