Update: What just happened?!

It’s been four years since I began this journey through the blog-o-sphere and about three since I’ve contributed anything to this space. I stopped posting in 2014 because I realized that my ego had grown too attached to the 365-Day Creativity Challenge I committed to. The challenge was a wonderful learning experience and since then I’ve grown so much as a writer, design professional, and person. Now, for some reason, it feels right to come back.

The year is ending with a bang:

  • One month ago I moved to Costa Rica.
  • Five days after moving to Costa Rica I met an integral designer on a bus who needed an architect for a climate park project with the University of Peace and in less than a week I had the job I was born for.
  • Saturn moved into Capricorn a week ago, initiating me into my first Saturn return.
  • Last Friday we put a deposit down on a place to make a hostel in San José.

Before that, it was the most challenging year of my life, without a doubt. At the end of 2016 I experienced the shocking emptiness of losing my home, partner, and job within the span of just a few months. But, 2017 turned out to be a year of successes and support, the culmination of much hard work.

I’m proud of a few things from the last three years (AKA what I learned from Saturn in Sagittarius):

  • Got the first Masters in Geodesign in the world
  • Won an award for best lightning talk at the Geodesign Summit
  • Spoke at Greenbuild in Mumbai (pictured above), twice at the ESRI User Conference, and once at the United Nations in New York City
  • Worked and volunteered for many incredible teams making Philadelphia and the world more sustainable, including BioPhilly
  • Received the 5 Mindfulness Trainings transmitted from my teacher Thich Nhat Hanh at Blue Cliff Monastery
  • Finally took back the reins to my body after an intensive physical therapy program that lasted more than a year
  • Reclaimed my connection to my self/Self, magic, womyn-hood, and the Earth
  • Learned to play the upright bass
  • Planted seeds, watched them grow, and learned to care for house plants
  • I’m many steps closer to the dream I’ve been building since 2012 when I visited the slums of Lima, Peru and saw that architecture was the solution the earth and her children needed in the face of a changing climate.
  • I started seeing myself as part of a global team of innovators and problem-solvers looking to build capacity for sustainable change in community organizations and local governments.

That last part is why I’m back here, writing about architecture, urbanism, geodesign, the 2030 Agenda, sustainable development, yoga, and the love of life (biophilia). I’m not sure the market is ready for the new paradigm design I can see on the horizon, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing and sharing about it. In fact, now more than ever it is my task.

Like this blog on Facebook to stay updated on the musings and calls to action I’ll be sharing in 2018. It’s going to be a big year.

So big, in fact, I had to make another blog to hold all the bigness. Follow this one for more professional musings and calls to action: Veronica’s World.

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