Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu

I am just another energetic being here on Earth to have a human experience. On the day of a total solar eclipse several years ago, this soul moved into this human body and a woods nymph with kooky wisdom was born.

My spiritual practice blossomed into a mission in 2007 thanks to the writings and teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. Five years later I traveled to France where I learned to meditate at Plum Village Monastery. This was just one of many stops along the road which led me to Costa Rica where I now live and work. My mindfulness practice informs the architecture, permaculture, and integral urban design practice I am growing.

Click here to check out my work as a sustainable architect and geodesigner dedicated to honoring the sacred architecture of the here and now. Click here to discover a new kind of design team with a focus on sustainable urbanism. I have studied and worked around the world designing transportation, education, economic and public space networks that integrate citizens and architecture in more resilient and efficient ways. Architecture should connect us to our natural environment; be it ocean, sky, mountains, or river, nature and city needn’t be mutually exclusive. If you are a designer looking to collaborate, please contact me below!

This blogspace is a place to the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern designs for mindful living. May it serve as a virtual compendium of holistic practices for myself and a growing number of other bodhisattvas. Photography, architecture, poetry, yoga, meditation, writing; these are all methods of communing with the divine and strengthening the global aura of peace. Come on in and enjoy the vibes!

Previously, the focus on this blog was a 365 Day Creativity Challenge, it’s described here (first) and here (second).


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