Day 105: Why I’m On Vacation

I started my 365 Day Creativity Challenge more than three months ago and the last post I wrote was all about how wonderfully transformative the whole experience has been. That was a week ago and you better believe these last seven days I’ve felt guilty about not posting. It’s a new kind of guilt, more of a nostalgic, “I actually enjoy doing this” kind of feeling. I didn’t expect to like the challenge I set for myself!

I anticipated a nice friendly blog post today about all the magical transformations I’ve undergone on the first half of my two week vacation in the States but as I’m writing this, a deep ache in my stomach has come up and I feel like it’s my intuition saying, Veronica, take a break for jeebus sake! And it’s not as though I have been neglecting my challenge, I have lots of creativity to post about.

Alright, I hear you, intuition.

cultivate and let go

Exhaustion is not a status symbol.

That is, after all, why I’m on vacation. Every time we do something – anything – out of the ordinary and take a step outside of the lines of our daily routines, we shake up the habitual energy that is going stale around us and we destroy the curtains we accidentally put up between ourselves and God/The Universe/Nature/Spirit.

A vacation doesn’t need to involve a hop across the Atlantic Ocean, vacations can happen every day for whatever amount of time we can spare. Make a thirty second vacation while you’re at your desk. Schedule a five minute vacation after you get home and before you ask your kids how their school day went; then before bed, schedule a fifteen minute luxury getaway to the beautiful realm of your imagination when you fly away into yourself on the wings of meditation.

If you’ve always wanted to meditate but haven’t found the right guides, Oprah and Deepak Chopra are doing a 21 day meditation challenge that is free and incredibly well put-together. I can’t recommend it enough and I hope you’ll join your energy with mine and thousands of other people involved in the daily meditations as we work together to collectively raise the vibrations of the planet. Yesterday was the first day and you’ve got access to that online here for four more days. Here’s a sample from the end of the recording that I transcribed because it’s so darn beautiful:

My security and peace are within.

To keep the essence of today’s meditation with you as you travel through the day, consider making time to check in with your experience of security.

Pause several times throughout the day and notice how you feel. Do you feel centered and grounded? When uncertain moments arise do you feel safe or unsafe, secure or insecure?

Just observe and be with your feelings, pay attention to the moments that you do feel safe and secure. This natural state is one that you can always access and come back to for peace and clarity. The flow of feeling safe is part of your essential being, there to support you and bring you home to yourself – your true self.

Rest Well,

The Sacred Here & Now


Day 95: A Hard One

that's called gratitude

that’s called gratitude

This is all I’ve got for the creativity challenge today; a little blog post about the only positivity I can summon. The unprecedented roller coaster ups and downs in my day were extraordinary even compared to the emotional intensity I’m used to from being an HSP. At least I’m grateful to be here, alive, to be given a “today” to think was hard.

I don’t know what to think about it so I’m just going to chalk it up to energy I’ve received from the heightened vibrations happening in, on and around Mother Earth these days because of the Cardinal Grand Cross lining up in the sky. Its effect will be felt from January to July but the perfect alignment of four planets will happen April 23rd and I certainly feel it coming closer.

Day 80: The Next Level

We have a house guest. He is a young American who’s been traveling the world for the last six months and has appeared on our couch for a few days. Somehow, despite our love of visiting new places and photography we have very little in common and I was not sympathetic to his stories about the lack of bars and alcohol during his last three months of traveling. As we chatted over empty brunch dishes this happened…

– Well I’ve never stayed in a place for more than five days really. Usually when I get bored I just move on.

– Oh, yeah… I usually try not to get bored.

– Ha, yeah that’s what I’m doing. (Gestures to laptop, iPad, and iPhone)

– No, I mean, I don’t believe in being bored.

– Oh? How do you figure that?

– *Realizing I’m trapped I pause to find the simplest explanation* The whole idea of life is just such a miracle, how can you be bored? I mean the fact that your skin holds all your organs and bones together in the perfect places is just fucking magical! You know what I mean? What are the chances?

– *Longer pause followed by shocked laughter, raised eyebrows, and a look of total disbelief* That’s some next level shit. You just took that to a whole ‘nother place on me, I was not prepared.

Aaand that’s how I did not make a new friend this week. ♥

The Divine Power Within Our Biological Design

The Divine Power Within Our Biological Design