159: On Life & Biomimetic Design: An Interview With the Architect Veronica J. Anderson

My dear friend Weaver over at neptuneandtheoak.wordpress.com has just posted an interview we’ve been putting together for over a month! I’m humbled to have been featured on her blog as an architect combining science, art, and a love for Mother Earth with a passion for spiritual living. Please stop by her website and check out her posts about sustainable spiritual living as well! I’m so grateful to be included in this community of people dedicated to living well in body, mind and spirit and I’m so filled with love!

Neptune and the Oak

i am pleased to bring you an interview with the architect, Veronica J. Anderson. She shares with us a journey of seeking answers to Life’s basic meanings and purposes: a quest involving the confrontation of pain and disappointment, the will to stay the course of knowing herself intimately through her experiences and the joy of making Biomimicry Design a life-sustaining reality for 21st century cities.


Establishing Foundation

It’s clear from a visit to your wordpress site that you have a strong spiritual centre from which you live. Could you share the basic evolution of your beliefs/creed? As a child, I was raised Episcopalian and church every Sunday was an obligation. I grew up thoroughly enjoying the parts of that experience that revolved around making connections with other people: singing in the choir, meeting friends during Sunday School and growing up with older role models which my small family didn’t provide me…

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Day 11 Again: Spiritual Adulthood

Levels of Spiritual Completion According to the Kabbalah and Hinduism

Seven Levels of Spiritual Completion According to the Kabbalah and Hinduism

I’ve been entranced by Caroline Myss and her book Anatomy of the Spirit which just found me at the most incredible time. She is an essential guide for anyone interested in self-healing or personal growth and uses antiquated theological systems as the foundation for a revolutionary non-theistic way to weave the Divine into every aspect of our lives, thoughts and actions.

Myss writes about “a dismantling of the old religion’s classic parent-child relationship to God” and how such conscious living represents “a move into spiritual adulthood.”

This is exactly the threshold I feel I am crossing these first few days of 2014 and have been elated to hear others saying the same things.

Do you feel it too?

Who am I and why am I here?

These questions have many levels but I’m going to start from the surface and give their answers in relation to this blogspace and why I am creating it. These questions were taken from the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog challenge which you can follow here.


Sacred architecture of the Mediterranean Sea and the Alcazaba in Almería, Spain

Why are you blogging, rather than keeping a personal journal?

Thank you for asking that, imaginary interviewer. Now that you mention it, all of my writing actually happens in my personal journal first, it’s a safe space where I don’t have to judge the words that come out because I know they’re just for me and I value their uncensored honesty. Afterwards I make some edits and nurture the natural rhythm and imagery with which I write to create something I think will be interesting to read. The reason I’m here at all though is because of the great abundant universe and was best summarized by Hazrat Khan, a Sufi poet from the early 18th Century:

The person who is in tune with the universe becomes like a radio receiver through which the voice of the universe is transmitted.

I have struggled a lot in my short years on this path of awareness of my sensitivity. In American culture, it is startling when one talks too much about spiritual things like yoga, auras and chakras; I noticed people would often tune out or throw up defensive perimeters the moment something slipped out of my mouth to that effect. Sure there are circles where such topics are appropriate but imagine you just moved to Philly and you’re 19, how are you supposed to break into them? Even in my beloved yoga studio community the shock of a youngster like myself namaste-ing and chatting about mindfulness was something I had to learn to see past. When I received seven “likes” on the first day I wrote my second post entitled Mindfulness, I was flabbergasted. I believe in writing as a way to set intentions and put good energy out into the universe and I’m seeing quickly that this blogspace is a great tool to do just that. The internet is a wonderful energetic realm that can always use more peace and gratitude, just like our physical world, and that’s really why I’m here.

I read so many blogs and articles about the “tuned out and apathetic younger generation.” The number of times I’ve come upon these references only pales in comparison to the number of times I’ve lamented the same exact sentiments myself. Here’s the thing though, my generation is also obsessed with fitting in. If you go around talking about how lazy they are, they will be happy to keep on, keepin’ on in the way you expect them to solely to avoid the sideways glances and blank stares when they step out of the safety of the pack of iPhone and Hollister-wearing zombies. If we want the future generations to be free spirits connected to their divine creative power to manifest happiness and abundance in their own lives, we need to create spaces for them to do that! Some parents have done this very well at home but American society does not allow this spiritual energy to escape and seep into schools, offices, or courtrooms and this is the real tragedy. Actually perhaps the real tragedy is that Hollywood is selling American society and the rest of the world is quickly buying it to plaster all over their own walls. I believe that by adding my voice in support of the global youth who will inherit the Earth I can help facilitate the manifestation of a more peaceful, joyful and abundant future by bridging the gap between “us” and “them” and showing that hope is not lost. I want parents and teachers, neighbors and newscasters, legislators and scientists not to lose hope for us, the future, because actually, some of us DO give a hoot. Please don’t count us out just yet.

What topics do you think you will write about?

Oh hello again, imaginary interviewer, I forgot you were there. Sorry that last answer got a bit passionate and long. Here’s a concise answer to balance out the first one. I want to write about:

  • what happens when Western minds encounter Eastern philosophy
  • traveling (physical and spiritual realms)
  • energy in all it’s relevant forms (i.e. renewable resources & sustainable architecture; the chakras, human architecture)
  • yoga, on the mat and off
  • the internet as one energetic home for our energetic body, the same way our physical Earth is a home for our manifested body
  • [empty space for the unexpected]

Who would you love to connect with via your blog?

In this life, I am looking to connect with everyone in at least some small way. I am particularly interested in travelers (of all dimensions), people of all spiritual persuasions (with a desire to exchange perspectives), yogis and yoginis who are young at heart (regardless of Earth age), people who remember their past lives, people who see with their third eyes, people who want to change the world, people who live in the present moment, peaceful and mindful warriors, people who believe in the power of love, and everyone in between. Also I hear that sharks have Twitter now so maybe there are some animals out there who have interesting stuff to share, too.

If you blog successfully throughout 2014, what would you hope to have accomplished?

Well, I accidentally started this blog just in time for the new year. When I wandered over to WordPress I wasn’t thinking oh, 2014 is two days away, what a perfect time to create a new blogspace, but when I got here, I saw a post about 365 day challenges from 2013 and knew that it was a sign from the Universe. Or maybe I just love a good challenge and I needed a place to record my creative flow. Either way, here I am, and here you are, imaginary interviewer and beautiful internet audience, and that’s already a success for me. Rumi wrote about how one candle’s light won’t be diminished just by being shared with a thousand and how happiness never decreases by being shared. If I can light just one candle in 2014, I will have succeeded. So now, let’s do this thing! Happy travels! Thank you for being!