My friend Weaver over at neptuneandtheoak has just posted the interview we’ve been working on for a month! I’m humbled to have been featured on her blog. Stop by her blog and check out more posts on astrology and sustainable spiritual living as well!

Neptune and the Oak

i am pleased to bring you an interview with the architect, Veronica J. Anderson. She shares with us a journey of seeking answers to Life’s basic meanings and purposes: a quest involving the confrontation of pain and disappointment, the will to stay the course of knowing herself intimately through her experiences and the joy of making Biomimicry Design a life-sustaining reality for 21st century cities.


Establishing Foundation

It’s clear from a visit to your wordpress site that you have a strong spiritual centre from which you live. Could you share the basic evolution of your beliefs/creed? As a child, I was raised Episcopalian and church every Sunday was an obligation. I grew up thoroughly enjoying the parts of that experience that revolved around making connections with other people: singing in the choir, meeting friends during Sunday School and growing up with older role models which my small family didn’t provide me…

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Featured post

I've been entranced by Caroline Myss and her book Anatomy of the Spirit which just found me at the most incredible time. She is an essential guide for anyone interested in self-healing or personal growth and uses antiquated theological systems as the foundation for a revolutionary non-theistic way to weave the Divine into every aspect... Continue Reading →

Who am I and why am I here?

These questions have many levels but I'm going to start from the surface and give their answers in relation to this blogspace and why I am creating it. These questions were taken from the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog challenge which you can follow here. Why are you blogging, rather than... Continue Reading →

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