Day 50: A Fountain Of Gratitude & Cookies

I am totally spent from a day full of channeling creative energy. Tomorrow prospective students will be coming to look at one of the institutes where I work in droves and we have been preparing for more than a month. The teachers are under a lot of pressure to create interesting performances and we have... Continue Reading →


Day 31 Again: The Choc Chip Banana Bread You CANNOT Mess Up

So last night I came home from a meeting and remembered I had to bake something before the New Moon was over. (Read about why, here.) I was feeling giddy about an exciting project in its early-manifestation stages and therefore wasn't in the tidiest mood so I thought, I know, yeah, a blog post about... Continue Reading →

Day 21: Nature Never Fears

To Lose This was the simple verb I was looking to make a flashcard about this evening in preparation for my first English class tomorrow morning. A quick Google Images search of the phrase produced astonishing results: Should I have been surprised that there was not one single image of a man who lost his... Continue Reading →

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