206: Tweeting Teens

A poem inspired by a solo dining experience   Type Shovel Swallow. Anything not to be here. Come with me, I don't want to be alone. Anything not to be seen. Moving among the mirrors, Looking anywhere that isn't real. Reflections just soften the blow Of landing in what can't be changed. But there is... Continue Reading →


Day 92: Understanding Fear

I love this affirmation because it speaks about not just fear but the nature of understanding. Our minds are like great flashlights and the power of our awareness is like shining them on any given topic to illuminate it with the entire power of our consciousness. Looking deeply is a powerful thing, a skill we... Continue Reading →

Day 89: A Love Note To The Sky

Querido Cielo, In Spanish it's common to use the word "cielo" instead of "dear" or "love." It means "sky" but it's used in the same sense as we use "honey" and it has an even lovelier significance. You are my sky: the space to which I look for inspiration, comfort, and joy. You are the... Continue Reading →

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