This blog could use structure that ties it all together. I wrote a detailed post early on about why I’m here  in this blogspace but the answer goes deeper.

This page is a work in progress, like me.

It comes down to this:

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

If you see something wrong in the world, it is perfectly acceptable to do nothing if you truly do not care to if it changes. What is unacceptable is complaining about it and taking no action.

I think we are blessed to live in a time when humans are just waking up to the truth of what it means to live love and be united as one peaceful planet. I think we are collectively realizing that in order to end wars, we can’t simply send all our bombs and weapons off to the moon, real change has to occur at the very core of how we live our lives.

The most succinct way to describe the shift that I see occurring, one which we are sochange privileged to witness, is a collective spiritual awakening which results in a paradigm shift from scarcity to abundance.

Humans have evolved to believe that only the material wealth of the Earth is abundant. We believe that life though, is finite and prosperity is scarce.

But the future starts now.

Instead of perpetuating a status quo of mindless consumerism and depression, we are studying happiness and valuing sensitivity. Instead of living in constant fear or anxiety about the past and future, we are gradually waking up to the beauty that awaits us in the present moment, as shown by the growing Mindfulness movement.

Mindful living is catching on in the West.

We are already seeing an increase in the movement of people who appreciate how lovingly Mother Nature provides and supports us. In the future, instead of fighting against her and struggling to survive “in spite of her,” we will prefer to make the most the gifts of her natural processes (i.e. sun, wind, core temperature, water cycle) and we will use our man made systems and chemicals on occasion instead of by default.

For levity sake... Ponza, Italy (c) Veronica Anderson

For levity sake… Ponza, Italy (c) Veronica Anderson

Whether by choice or necessity we will stop consuming resources just to provewe can.

Instead of trying to achieve some greed-driven goal of wealth or superiority, we will slow down and become mindful of our actions and reactions.

It is inevitable that as people return to a love consciousness they will learn to strengthen their respect for the Earth from which we all come.

This is where architecture comes into play…

…because it works the other way too; as more respect is cultivated for the Earth, more people will return to love consciousness, which will start a chain reaction of love and respect.

I want architects to take a stand.

Currently, in America, the world’s most recently urbanized nation which will be the template for the Earth’s future cities, buildings account for:

  • 36 percent of total energy use
  • 65 percent of electricity consumption
  • 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions
  • 30 percent of raw materials use and
  • 30 percent of waste output (136 million tons annually; Source)

Architects have a direct ability to affect the physical and psychological health of entire societies through the act of designing and modifying the city.

We need to start building a future lived in love consciousness now.

In the future, cities will produce energy instead of consume it, emit clean air instead of pollute it, use recycled materials, consume less electricity, and best of all, cities will treat waste instead of create it.

If this sounds idealistic, ask yourself why.

These are all things we already know how to do with our buildings, infrastructure, and public spaces. Seriously, I have a five-year accredited degree in all of it. We already have the technology to live in these fantastic cities, all that remains is to ask ourselves when the designers with the power to create them will choose to step up and raise their voices.

I am here in this blogspace to raise my voice and be the change I wish to see in the world.

More levity... (c) Veronica Anderson

More levity… (c) Veronica Anderson

Architects have the knowledge and skills to design spaces at all scales and the responsibility to use those skills for the greater good.

I am marketing myself as a consultant for global cities in development, particularly those in the third world. By 2050 Latin America will reach 60% urbanization, the same level Europe has already reached today and the two billion new people who will call Earth home by that time will be living in cities in the now-developing world. In cities where fifty percent of the urban population lives without access to reliable water, sewage, or electricity lines, there is no time to waste on unhealthy architecture.

We are going to need homes for two billion people in just thirty five years and even more after that.

Let’s not screw this up.

Now is the time to plant the seeds of the grass roots efforts which will produce change.

Designers must work with, not just for communities.

Long-distance, one-size-fits-all projects are no longer applicable. The designer must be in and of the community being designed. If you want to read about a project that shows this, I traveled to Peru to research a thesis that demonstrates how architects can help cities grow healthy and resilient networks of people and spaces. I made a website about it. is where you can find my professional work.

Join the team!

I am currently seeking the right group(s) to collaborate on funding and manifesting the ecological water treatment system that I designed for slums in Lima, Peru. Potential partners or employers are warmly encouraged to contact me via the comments or by email below.

Each of us is on a path, our own personal journey to which we’ve given the name “life.” Although opinions vary on the general duration of that life, it is generally agreed that you only get one at a time.

Our paths have crossed in this moment and now that they have, I think we should make the most of it!

I love challenges.

So I am here every day in this blogspace –and I mean every day!– in 2014 to stir the creative embers and create those sparks that happen when ideas collide.

I need the kindling of your mind in the fire pit of the here and now to make the flame that will change the world. I love you. Please join me.


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